Appointed State Titles

Apply Here to be a PageantOne

2021-2022 Queen!


Represent PageantOne in your Community!

Our Appointed Royalty are awarded titles based off of their picture and short essay. They are shipped their awards and encouraged to wear their crowns and banners in the community, at events, and while promoting the PageantOne Platform!

*divisions are based on age as of June 1, 2021

Be an Advocate for the PageantOne Platform:

“Crowns with a Cause:Erasing Childhood hunger”

In order to apply for a PageantOne Title, Complete and Submit application found HERE.

TWO Queen Packages to Choose from:


Queen Package- $250- Queen Package- includes State Title, Full Round Crown (pictured), Embroidered Sash with Name on Back, Crown Jewelry, and Crown Sash Pin! $50 due with Application (refundable if no title offered) Balance due within 30 days of application

Royal Queen Package-$600-Royal Queen Package- includes State Title, Full Tall Round Crown, Embroidered Sash with Name on Back and fully rhinestoned in AB Crystals, Crown Jewelry, and Crown Sash Pin, Crown Case, $50 Credit towards PageantOne Apparel, and a Website and Social Media Feature! $50 due with application (refundable if no title offered), $300 due within 30 days of application, $250 due within 60 days of application


(If you have additional questions, email

Is this a Natural or Glitz Pageant?

PageantOne is a Natural pageant looking for natural beauty. Girls can wear age-appropriate clothes:  off the rack or custom, and age-appropriate make-up.

My daughter has never done a pageant before, can she still compete?

Our program is great for Everyone! Beginners to experienced!

What are the judges looking for?

They look for sparkle, poise, confidence and personality!

If I win a title, can I still compete in other pageants?

We are an Open pageant system! We want you to continue enjoying your love of pageantry! NO Non-Compete Contracts!

Are there hidden costs?

We do not require additional purchases or fees after you are titled.

How do I represent the PageantOne platform?

We encourage our Royalty to represent their titles and aim to make a difference in their communities. Anything and everything helps and is encouraged!

What ages is this for?

Our system is open to ladies 0+.