PageantOne 2019-2020 Appointed State Title

Step One: Fill out this form entirely, and submit with a current picture

Step Two: Click Continue at the bottom of the page to continue to PayPal. Complete the $50 Application Fee.
* If not selected for a title at this time, the Application Fee will be refunded. Applicants may re-apply after 60 days.

Step Three: Wait 2-3 days to see if you were selected by the PageantOne Board to represent PageantOne in your state and at the International Pageant.

Select Queen Package:

$200- PageantOne Title, Full round Crown and Custom Embroidered Sash.

$300- PageantOne State Title, Full round Crown, Custom Embroidered Sash with Name Personalization, Crown Sash Pin, and Crown Jewelry.

$600-PageantOne State Title, Full round Crown, Custom Embroidered Sash with Personalization and Bling, Crown Sash Pin, Crown Jewelry, Social Media Spotlight, One FREE optional competition at Internationals ($75 value) AND a $100 discount towards the 2020 PageantOne Internationals Package..

*Payment Plans are available

I am applying for a PageantOne Appointed State Title. If accepted, I understand that I am an official representative of PageantOne. I will promote the PageantOne platform to the best of my ability-truly making a difference. I will be responsible for the remaining package fees, for my chosen package. I understand my Queen package fee is non refundable- only the deposit, should I not be accepted. I understand that at if any time The PageantOne Board finds out of improper or illegal activity, my title may be removed.

Yes-I understand, and agree with these conditions

Platform Essay-100 words or less

written by contestant (Parent/Guardian if contestant is under the age of 6)

How will you use your title to promote the Pageant One platform of "Crowns with a Cause-Erasing Childhood Hunger"?