MISS MAY- Photo Entry $10

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1.)  Photos must be current and a good likeness.  Color or Black & White.
2.)  Open to all ages, both male & female.
3.)  Judging is based on photogenic quality of contestant, model & commercial potential & natural beauty. Quality of the photograph is important. Photos should be clear.
4.)  All finalists selected and winners will be posted on our website and notified by email.
5.) Identical twins can enter as one entry with same photo. Prize must be shared between both. Non-identical twins must enter separately.
6). Pageantone.com reserves the right to combine age divisions based on enrollment.
7.) Prizes may be adjusted based on participation numbers
8.) Photos of any pornographic nature will not be accepted or considered for judging.
9.)  Many professional photos have copyrights. All copyrighted photos must be accompanied by photographers release. This is your responsibility. The contest understands that we are free to use any photo that you send us and that we are not liable for the reproduction of photos.
10.)  The decision of the judges is final. No refunds.
11.) Entry’s will NOT be processed until both photo entry and payment are received. You will receive a E-mail confirmation that your entry has been processed.

By submitting the form below, I hereby acknowledge that the contest has the right to reproduce photo submissions for publicity and promotional purposes and I relinquish any claim for financial reimbursement other than those contained herein.  I am releasing the contest of all copyright infringements and giving permission to have photo/photos reproduced as the contest chooses. If under 18 years of age this form must be submitted by a parent or guardian.