Pageant Lashes

Our Newest Obsession- False Lashes without the Glue!

Great for ALL AGES!

Order a pair of Lashes to try them out- you WON’T be disappointed! Includes:
  • 1 Magnetude Magnetic Eyeliner (4ml) – select black, brown or gray!
  • 1 pair of Magnetic Lashes (your choice of style) trimmable
  • 8 bonus Anchor Magnets
  • Up to 30 uses

Packages/Kits Also Available!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is magnetic eyeliner?
Our magnetic eyeliner has 3 properties. First, it’s an eyeliner. Second, it has magnets so it can guide the lashes onto your eyes. And the third property is the adhesive component that helps hold the lashes in place all day long!

Is magnetic eyeliner safe?
YES! Our Cosmetics only uses FDA approved ingredients in all of their products, including their magnetic lashes and eyeliner. Our products are paraben, latex, gluten and cruelty free!

Do I need to wear mascara with my false lashes?
It’s not necessary to wear mascara but I do recommend applying mascara BEFORE application to help blend with the false lashes. I DO NOT recommend applying it AFTER the lashes are in place.

Is it safe for an MRI machine?
No! Magnets of any kind, including false lashes, eyeliner and all cosmetics should be removed before entering an MRI machine. Failing to do so could result in burns to the skin or other injuries.

How do I remove it?
I recommend using our  Make-up remover, however any makeup remover that is oil based should do the trick.

Can I use magnetic eyeliner if I have alopecia or another medical condition that’s caused me to lose my eyelashes?
YES!!!! This product is revolutionary and I’m proud to be offering it! It doesn’t rely on natural lashes to stay in place unlike many other products available in the market.

Will it damage my natural lashes?
Because magnetic eyeliner doesn’t rely on your natural eyelashes to work you can take comfort in knowing that these products won’t damage your real eyelashes!

How do you apply the magnetic eyeliner?
Just like any other liquid eyeliner! If you have an eyeliner that you prefer you can apply that first and then apply Magnetude eyeliner. Be sure to apply at least 2 layers, letting each layer dry (approx. 30 seconds to 1 minute) completely to ensure a secure fit!